Fire performers

Turn up the heat of your event by adding a talented fire performer. Let them welcome your guests in a special way, roam around your event area or let them give a show to create that true wow factor and make your event for all of your guests one they will never forget.

fire performer with fan prop


Verity is a professional fire performer and has acts such as fire breathing and more. She has experience in the performing arts for many years and is now a highly interactive and engaging multi-skilled artist. With her excellent skills she will turn up the heat of any event and give a performance all of the guests will never forget.

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Fire performer show


Danny is a full time professional fire, circus and pyro performer. His ambition of becoming a fire performer started many years ago. The noise, the movement and the thrill of watching the visuals was intoxicating to him. Over the years Danny has mastered 17 different dangerous fire & pyro props & skills ready at his disposal to ‘WOW’ and amaze, which includes eating fire.

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Fire Performer


Becky is a professional aerialist and fire performer. Over the years, Becky build up a lot of experience and she performs with her acts all over the globe, at many different events and venues. All of her acts can be booked as a combination and she also has a variety of customs available to suit the occasion.

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fire performer multi


Deanna is a fire performer with many years of experience. She uses many different props and elements including fire eating, sensual body burns and vapour tricks. During her fire performance to music, she is able to breath flames of up to 10ft into the air which gives the real wow effect to any event.

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Fire Performer and hula hoop artist


Jasmin is a full-time circus performer and workshop facilitator providing services for weddings, corporate and private events. She specialises in various performances such as multi-hoop, aerial hoop, fire performance and walkabout acts.

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Male fire performer magic


Chris is a professional artist and an official Guinness world record breaker. He links together elegant performances with humorous audience interaction into spectacular shows. Besides his juggling act and being a fire performer, he also has LED shows and a special act with a giant cube.

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Fire performer options

Services & Packages

Below are our three standard packages which can be customised to the wishes and needs of any client to suit your event. Choose the amount of shows you'd like to have, the amount of time you'd like to have the fire performer or choose to let the artist roam around for a custom amount of time.




Fire performer in club
prop from fire performer

Why book a fire performer?

Benefits of hiring a fire performer

Adding a fire performance to a wedding, corporate event, or private party can bring a visually stunning and dynamic element to your event. Fire performers are known for their ability to captivate audiences with their mesmerizing moves and fabulous flames.

Fire performers create a great visual appeal to an event. Their performance is entertaining to watch and the fire creates an unforgettable atmosphere. They can be the highlight of the night that guests will remember long after the event is over. The performance can be customized and tailored to suit the needs of the event. With their great impact on audiences, visual spectacle and adaptability they are a great addition to any event.

Testimonials of our fire performers

What clients say

Don't just believe us for what we say about our artists, but read about all the fabulous experiences previous clients after booking a talented fire performer for their event from our entertainment agency.


Great welcome for guests, pleasure to work with and really smooth organising. Thanks Verity!


Corporate Event, Scotland


Chris, what can I say, you are a fantastic entertainer and you amazed all my guests at my 60th last weekend, I can't thank you enough, just brilliant, AND hilarious.


60th Birthday, UK


WOW - what a show. LED and Fire was amazing, everyone loved you. Can I book you for my 40th?!


Corporate Event, Scotland

Trade Show

Friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with. Chris filled the brief I set him perfectly, he was great on the day, engaging with guests and friendly and professional at all times. I would highly recommend.

Trade Show

Corporate Event, UK


Chris was brilliant. Very talented, very friendly and all of our guests loved his juggling. I would heartily recommend Chris for any event, he made our wedding very special. Thanks Chris.


Wedding, UK