When it comes to planning a special event or wedding, you want to make sure every detail is perfect and memorable. One way to create a unique and unforgettable experience is by adding a bagpiper to your wedding or event.

Bagpiper to hire leading bridal party


Roddy performs at weddings and Scottish themed events all over the world. No matter for which event you’d like to add bagpipes, Roddy has the looks, sound and cultural expertise to bring the magic of Scotland to any occasion. He is able to play all of the traditional songs, as well as music in a more modern, contemporary style.

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Below are our three standard packages of our bagpipers which can be customised to your wishes and needs. You can choose to have a bagpiper for a fun and lively reception, official sounding Scottish music for a ceremony, or let him perform together in a Ceilidh band to dance the night away.




bagpiper performing at awards
bagpiper to hire at castle

Why book a bagpiper?

Benefits of hiring a bagpiper

Having a bagpiper at your event can add a unique and memorable touch to the occasion. If you want to create a traditional or cultural atmosphere at your event, a bagpiper can help achieve this. Bagpipes can also add an element of elegance and sophistication to your event. The sight and sound of a bagpiper in full regalia can create a sense of grandeur and formality that your guests will appreciate. Whether you want a solemn and respectful tone or a more celebratory one, a bagpiper can create the ambiance you desire.

Testimonials of our bagpipers

What clients say

Don't just believe us for what we say about our artists, but read about all the fabulous experiences previous clients had when booking a bagpiper for their event from our entertainment agency.

Les Blair

Roddy has traveled to the Philippines for the St Andrews Society Balls, Burns Suppers and family events and he has been magnificent, firstly to travel such a long way and secondly for the very impressive repertoire and performances

Les Blair

St Andrews Society Balls, Philippines


Roddy the bagpiper at our wedding did an outstanding job, everyone commented how beautiful he played. Roddy’s customer service was impeccable and went out of his way to help even though we only booked a couple of weeks before the big day. I cannot recommend Roddy enough!!


Wedding, Scotland


Amazing, charismatic performance - great full Scottish Experience, including pipes, poetry reading and whisky tasting!


Corporate Event, Scotland


I booked Roddy to pipe our dinner group to the Dome In Edinburgh for a special birthday. He was so amazing and was one of the highlights of our trip. I would highly recommend Roddy for all events, a true professional.


Birthday Party, Scotland


We had a Bagpipe workshop with Roddy as one of our team activities. Roddy gave us great instructions and we all enjoyed in learning more about bagpiping. Ruddy has the no.1 sense of humor and his workshop is the highlight of our week! We laughed, learnt and enjoyed. Roddy is an excellent teacher and bagpiper! Best of best


Workshop, Scotland